Two Best Practices

  • Maintaining decorum in College:-

Uniform Background: – In a world of artificiality & negativity youth of today tends to maintain social strata by outward appearance. In this process, the youth gets deviated towards reel life rather than real life & invites a deterioration of mental health. To help the students to remain focused on their priorities & not to get misguided. The college ensures that the students wear the college uniform. The college uniform is light pink kurta & grey pyjama with grey duppatta. This maintains uniformity amongst the students so that they remain focused on their prime work of learning. 

Objective: – The objective of the above practice is to create a uniform level, whereby the students are kept away from the ramp, show & artificiality of the society. Students from every strata of the society should learn to co-operate & co-ordinate with each other irrespective of their class, caste, creed & religion. 

Mode of Operation: –

1. A sample of the uniform is displayed on the bulletin board so that the new students can buy the uniform in keeping with the color.

2. The notice board displays the time-table & specifies that the students should come to class in their uniform & strict actions may be taken against them in case of violation of this rule

  • Assembly Gathering & Flag Hoisting:-

The day begins everyday with an assembly organized by the B.Ed. Department of our college. There are five houses Ganga, Yamuna, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi &Mandakini & each house is given this responsibility of spearheading the assembly every morning. About 5 to 6 students lead the stage with the following information: – 1. Latest News Updates 2.

A Moral Story 3. A Motivating Idea. The Assembly ends with Flag hoisting & chanting National Anthem.

Objective: – The objectives of conducting the assembly are as follows: –

1. To bring about a spiritual awakening is students.

2. To feel motivated for the challenges of entire day.

3. To imbibe good values in others as well as ourselves.

4. To keep ourselves updated with the latest news.

5. To be instilled patriotism.

Mode of Operation: –

1. The students are selected randomly & are directed to collect information pertaining to the above.

2. A day before the concerned teacher On-duty, rehearses the participants.

3. A report is prepared every day & maintained in the diary.